What Fitness Means to Us Now…With Kiddos

Pat Barber No Filter Fitness

Once upon a time, long, long ago, when we were younguns, we worked out for two reasons:

  1. As down time or “me time”
  2. So we could keep up with all the crazy talented competitors at the CrossFit Games.

Now, with three little humans overtaking our household, our “why” looks very different.

Here’s a glimpse at what fitness means to us now, and how we make home workouts work amidst all the interruptions and distractions that come with parenting.

Fitnessing at home can be hard. What keeps us motivated is our desire to be fit enough to keep up with our kids and do things we love. We’ve found that life holds us accountable when it serves up a big slice of humble pie — when we feel too weak to toss our kids into the air, too tired to paddle board across the lake — and let’s just say that pie is served often around here. We all know how it feels, that shame-y FOMO that makes us angry at ourselves. How did I get here? How did I let this happen? It’s a bad place to be.

We’re here to live our best lives and help our kids do the same. And to us, fitness is just a tool in the kit to help us do that.

Our fitness goals today don’t require a lot of time at the gym. Which is good because we’re pretty short on time. And sleep.

These days, 30-minutes will crush us and help us stay healthy enough to do the fun stuff we want to do.

And that’s what it’s all about for us right now.

Maybe you can relate with that.

Until next time, stay gold.

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