Try These Time Efficient Warm-ups to Improve Your Workout

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Getting Warmed Up is Hard

Barack Don’t Lie

1) It’s Hard to Move: you’re too sore and stiff so that every time you take a step, sit down on a chair, or grab a drink from the refrigerator #everythinghurtsandimdying.

2) Not Motivated: you have no idea what to do, what body parts to warm up, or what rep scheme to plan out. #thinkingishard

3) It Takes Planning: you simply don’t want to take time out of your day to think up a way to warm yourself up for a workout. You know you should. You it’s best for you, but it takes time and work. And in this world, time is money.

4) Don’t Wanna Get Equipment Out: cause lugging around more stuff is cumbersome! (TWO of the three warm-ups below are bodyweight only.)

Now, what do you do? Look no further. We have some handy dandy warm-ups you can save for a rainy day. And look, they even have demo videos and cute babies 🙂

Jump Rope & Lower Body Drills

Features different jump rope drills/variations along with bodyweight lower body exercises; can be performed stationary or moving. No equipment? No problem! Jump in place without a rope!

Squat + Press + Mobility

Warm up going below parallel along with the press. Warm-up also features some mobilization and stretching of the shoulders and hips.

Hamstring + Squat + Shoulder Prep

Performed using a KB, DB, or any small load (jug of water, bag of sand, etc.) Preps the hamstrings, hips, shoulders, and back.



Want some more ideas? Check out our YouTube playlist which features 32 total warm-up videos!

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