What We’re About

Our Beliefs and Values


We Keep It Simple

We embrace being human. Life isn’t about stretching yourself thin with a do-everything-be-everything mentality. We’re honest about who we are. We don’t need the fancy home gym— we’re about efficiency and humility. More stuff creates more clutter. We want simple, not easy. Direct, but no shortcuts. 30 minutes each day can keep us healthy, fit, and ready for anything.

We are a Mission-Driven Culture

We keep focused on the “Why.” Why workout? Why be fit? Why train our weaknesses? We want to be our best selves in each moment. Our gaze is fixed on that goal, not outperforming our neighbors. Progress is the motivation.

We are All in this Together

We’re focused on our individual journey, but we’re also together. If we want competition, we look in the mirror. If we want support, we must build a community. Outsiders lift each other up. We find victory when others only see struggle. We laugh, cry, and stand beside one another through the peaks and valleys.

We Keep It Real

We don’t do Instagram-model fitness. Our home gym consists of minimal equipment and might even have some dirty laundry thrown on the side. If you want to wear makeup to workout, go for it! If you’re wearing an old t-shirt with a chocolate milk stain, go for it! This is about acceptance and growth. Fitness is a goal, not a filter.

We’re Not Going to Let Our Excuses Win

We believe in CrossFit. The best thing you can do for your health and fitness is to find a great local CrossFit affiliate and join a community that wants the best for you. That said, not everyone has access to somewhere like that. There can be a million different excuses, and we’re not here to invalidate them. Instead, we meet our community where they’re at. We defy excuses and build habits to grow to our best. Minimal equipment. Minimal time. Minimal expense. Maximum support.


Who We Are

Our goal is to meet you where you’re at and support you along the way. We’re a small team of diverse personalities and backgrounds. Some of us have conversations with plants, and some of us write novels. We have kids, farms, mortgages, favorite tv shows, goals, and families. We know every story is unique because our stories are all so different. We are Outsiders because we don’t fit inside any one box.

Meet the Team