Unfiltered Woman – Sage Burgener Ep. 3

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Sometimes you gotta do it to prove yourself RIGHT.

All About Sage

In this week’s edition of Unfilitered Woman, Taz sits down with Sage Burgener. Sage has 25 years of Olympic Weightlifting experience as she started lifting at the age of 4 (some of you may know her dad, Mike B.) She currently coaches in the sport and has 2 kiddos to keep her hands full!

How Her Upbringing has Shaped Her Present

This week, Sage talks about her relationship with her dad, Mike Burgener.⁠ Their coach-to-athlete relationship, dad-to-daughther relationship, and even friend-to-friend. ⁠How her relationship with her dad and shaped her into being the person she is.

She also talks about the scrutiny she’s received from the public about her body type.⁠ About her drive and determination to continue in the sport of Weightlifting… despite the setbacks. Despite the haters.⁠ Her will to rise, grind, and work hard.⁠

Today’s interview is all about her public, forward-facing entity – Sage as Mike Burgener’s Weightlifting daughter. And we couldn’t be more proud of her determination! ⁠


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