Unfiltered Woman – Michaela North Ep. 3

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A Renewed Definition of Fitness and Exercise

In this week’s edition of Unfilitered Woman, Taz and Michaela chat about what fitness means to them after a long, competitive career. How do they fit their personal health and fitness goals in with taking care of their family, children, and businesses?

Their lives no longer consist of hours in the gym to prepare for a competitive endeavor. What are the tools they use to remain consistent? How often do they train given their unique circumstances?

These two women heavily rely upon the use of their home gyms. They work out in their yard, their driveway, their garage. They work out during nap time, in between writing session plans, etc.

What happens if they’re unable to work out as much as they’d like to? Nothing. They realize that their lives are entirely different now and they have a renewed purpose – they meet themselves where they’re at.

Fitness is both a balance of physical and mental health. They commit to their training plans, however many times a week that may be, and use that as a source of empowerment.

Check out the interview below for the entire discussion and tricks of the trade.

Some Background On Taz’s Guest, Michaela

This second interview features Michaela North. She’s a badass mom of 4, nutrition coach, and member of the 2017 CrossFit Games Affiliate Championship Team. Not only was she a collegiate track star and her team won the CrossFit games, but she had twins, two more kids, and runs her own business along with Brute to share her nutrition values with the world.

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