Unfiltered Woman – Michaela North Ep. 2

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Mom Guilt

In this week’s edition of Unfilitered Woman, Taz and Michaela delve into the world of the guilt we assume as parents. Some more than others, and sometimes moms more than dads. We all experience this to varying degrees.

Am I being present with my kids? In the moment?⁠ Am I too preoccupied physically with a phone in my hand? Or am I mentally preoccupied with work or other life stressors blocking my ability to enjoy what’s right in front of me?

Did I get to breastfeed them as long as I wanted to?⁠ Or even at all?⁠ Am I feeling pressured to adhere to this idea of a “perfect mom” or “perfect motherhood”, when it doesn’t actually exist?

Am I providing the life that I wanted to for them? A life that I had always hoped to?⁠ How has that image changed from before I was a mom until now, after?

At what point do we need to draw the line and cut ourselves some slack?!?!⁠

Some Background On Taz’s Guest, Michaela

This second interview features Michaela North. She’s a badass mom of 4, nutrition coach, and member of the 2017 CrossFit Games Affiliate Championship Team. Not only was she a collegiate track star and her team won the CrossFit games, but she had twins, two more kids, and runs her own business along with Brute to share her nutrition values with the world.

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