Unfiltered Woman – Michaela North Ep. 1

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Our Mission Statement

Taz wanted to create a panel of interviews that featured some badass women in the health and fitness space. As individual units in this busy world, we all live separate lives, have our own struggles, triumphs, and experiences. As a collective, we are a much more cohesive, connected, and powerful unit. Being women, #weruntheworldgirls.

I. Am. Sasha. Fierce

Taz had the idea of filming chats with women of many different experiences and backgrounds. Some work in nutrition. Others are strength and conditioning coaches. Some are and were elite level competitors in the Crossfit and Weightlifting realm. She interviews full time businesswomen… part time workers, full time moms, and everything in between.

The intention of this new segment is to share our experiences as women and show how connected we are – unfiltered. No one telling us what we can and cannot say. Feel what we can or cannot feel. We don’t want to filter our lives because we know that being authentic and real is the key to finding happiness. We want to share that authenticity with the world.

If we come together with our own struggles, we can help one another out in a time of need. We can give advice and show someone that they’re not alone with the way they’re feeling. We can laugh with one another….Because when we listen to one another, we realize we’re not so different after all.

Michaela and Taz

This first interview features Michaela North – badass mom of 4, nutrition coach, and member of the 2017 CrossFit Games Affiliate Championship Team. Not only was she a collegiate track star and her team won the CrossFit games, but she had twins, two more kids, and runs her own business along with Brute to share her nutrition values with the world.

They delve into transformation from competition to motherhood in relation to body image and our own skin. What should women do if they are comparing themselves to others? How do we cope with the changes in our lives – emotionally, physically, and in the new roles that we evolve into as women?

A little excerpt:

“Doing physical things make women feel more empowered… physical tasks that you don’t otherwise think you can do, you push yourself to finish it.

If more women make the connection between physical empowerment, it can help remedy emotional insecurities about your body. It’s about making that connection once, then twice, then a few times, then a thousand times.

Every time you move your body, push your limits, and challenge yourself. Having fun, doing things you love, you’re making the connection that your body is worth so much more than the way it looks.

You are so much more than an aesthetic and what you look like.

If you’re struggling, start moving, writing down things you’re grateful for, finding role models that make you feel good about yourself. stop comparing. we are all so different.”

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