Training After Injury

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Remember when we first found Crossfit? We were infected.

It consumed us… all we thought about was our next workout. How we couldn’t walk down the stairs without grasping the hand rails. Rationalizing eating all of the bacon in the world because, well, our quads needed it. #thrusters… Thinking about what we needed to do in order to get better at the things we sucked at. Do we need more tape? More chalk? More head bands?

Often times, our enthusiasm led to over-training. Or shoot, work/family/life got crazy. Stress and lack of sleep made us more tired in the gym and, well, accidents happen. Our movement isn’t always perfect, despite our constant pursuit of virtuosity.

It turns out, you just needed some time, patience, consistency, and hard work.

Easy enough, right?

Well, now you’re injured… or nursing an old, nagging pain that won’t go away. How do you remedy it? Most of us are too stubborn to stop training.

How do we continue to train WHILE slowly trudging the road to recovery?

Pat and Taz have a roadside chat about their view on the most ideal way to recover. However, not all of us can hit up PT, roll out for an hour a day, and sleep 10+ hours a night, right?

It incorporates what they do in their present day lives with 2 family businesses, 3 kids, 2 dogs, and a mortgage in order to train with and modify for current or previous injuries.

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