The Problem with Dumbbell Workouts

Pat Barber No Filter Fitness

The biggest issue with dumbbell workouts, or workouts with limited gear, is that you tend to use the same movement patterns over and over again.

If you’re an Outsider, then you know that we split every workout into 3 tracks or options based on the type of equipment you have access to:

  1. Minimalist: Dumbbells, Jump Rope
  2. Generalist: Dumbbells, Jump Rope, Pull-up Bar, Box, Medicine Ball
  3. Enthusiast: Dumbbells, Jump Rope, Pull-up Bar, Box, Medicine Ball, Kettlebell, Rings, Rower, Barbell

The beauty of this is that anyone can get in a good workout anywhere.

But we’d like to mention a problem that few are talking about — the lack of variance that comes with minimal equipment.

With less equipment, there’s less variance. No way around it.

As CrossFitters who love dumbbell workouts because of their simplicity, we need to be smart about how we’re moving.

Here’s how we avoid the painful hotspots that naturally pop up when we overdo it with similar movement patterns:

If you’re on the Minimalist track, we really need you to hear this message.

Virtuosity, then intensity.

Quality movement, then speed.

So, slow it down and do it right.

And stay gold.

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