The Best “Nice to Have” CrossFit Home Gym Gear

Pat Barber Home Gym

Do you dream of the perfect CrossFit home gym? The one that’s stocked with all the best gear and all the cushy comforts that make the space your favorite place to be. So that you actually want to get up and move, you finally get fit and stay fit, and you never struggle with consistency.

Yeah…I’ve given many hours to that fantasy too.

Our garage gym isn’t perfect, never will be. That’s the magical pull of the dream. There’s always one more thing you want to do.

Dads and DIYers know this struggle well.

The trick is to get real with what you truly need.

There’s essential home fitness gear, like dumbbells, and there’s nonessential home fitness gear that adds to your overall experience.

I’ve already given a tour of my CrossFit home gym and my favorite gear.

This week, I’d like to share my top picks for “nice to have” garage gym items:

These items just add to the fun.

My advice is to keep it as simple and minimal as you can, especially when you’re starting to workout again after a long break, or you’re having a hard time keeping consistent.

Avoid clutter and debt. They’re not necessary for improving yourself and getting more fit.

Use laundry detergent as a kettlebell. Jump over the bag of dog food. Get creative. Work with what you’ve got. And know that you’re not alone.

Outsiders, stay gold.

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