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I'm coming up on the end of week 3 since joining this amazing group/programming and I'll tell you what, I've not felt this great in years! I had fallen into a slump. I was dreading going to the gym, in part, because I was spending too much time there, while at the same time not experiencing much fun or seeing much progress. But this programming has made me look forward to the gym again! It's fun, I know I'll be in and out quickly, and I am already making gains in my general physical fitness! Thank you for putting this together for us and I really look forward to each workout!

First and foremost “WOW!” with Outside the Box you get so much more than expected. I’ve done program after program but the hardest thing for me was my time, I just didn’t have the time to devote an hr or two to working out. In the end...wasted money. This was the cycle until I came upon Outside the Box....the program along with the coaches and community is amazing. The workouts can all be done in under 30 minutes, the videos and the coaching is on point (Pat has taken the time to make a video specifically for me to help improve my DUs) and the community sticks together...offering advice, motivation, inspiration all the while joking and having fun. By joining OTB, you aren’t just joining another program, you a joining into a family. #StayGoldPony

1 WOD, 3 versions, 30 minutes (including warm up time), 5 times a week... that’s all you need! Front yard, back yard or garage. Sometimes, depending on the WOD, shoes optional. Annnd... I can even fit a WOD in while cooking dinner for the family!

The winning ingredient is the Community... in a few short weeks, I know that I could travel anywhere in the world - find an Outsider & say “hey, Wanna catch up for a WOD?” & they just “get it”.

After a serious health scare in December last year, time with family quickly became a priority! I’m scared to do the maths for how much precious family time I’ve lost over the years at a box for 2-3 hours a day; 5-6 times a week.

I was doing a different program before this one - same concept of at home works, but I found that my 43 year old body didn't enjoy them. They tended toward a more intense nature with little skill or proper warm ups. I use these training series because they're short and build more than just my capacity, but skills as well. I just don't have the time otherwise because I run a fitness business and truly am tired of creating for others... I need a coach and you guys are it. ????

I spent a long time trying to hone in my exercise regime but the creativity and intentionality behind it took a serious nosedive and my training felt purposeless. A couple months ago I discovered Outside The Box gave it a shot even though I was skeptical I could get in an effective workout with only dumbbells. I remember being floored by the first workout; it wrecked me and I loved it and wanted more like it. I have a two-week old baby boy now and OTB workouts have been crucial for helping me stay on top of working out. I recommend OTB to anybody looking for a challenge to overcome and an encouraging community to a be a part of.

I work out from home and programming for myself got stale — the programming you get from Outside the Box is simple, fun, creative and comes with comprehensive instructions for when I need to scale or I don't have the right equipment. I haven't been pushing this hard in the gym in a long time! I would recommend this programming for anyone who has limited time to train, wants to give control of their programming to someone else and has limited equipment.

At the ripe age of 66, I started Crossfit with my daughter who has been trying to get me into it for years. Since then, I've retired and welcomed a new grandson into the world. There are days that my daughter and I can't make it into the gym because of the overall business of life, so to keep up the momentum and progress that I've made this past year, we work out together in the yard. It often involves tag teaming whoever is watching my grandson, so that makes it constantly varied 🙂 We're able to get back precious hours of the day and also get some quality time in together working on our fitness and overall health. OTB's Minimalist Track is perfect for us!

I found Outside the Box by chance when scrolling on Instagram. Being a full time stay-at-home mom to 2 kids, I have limited time and budget, so heading to my local box is not an option for me. BTWB solved that problem for me. I can workout anywhere in my home or outside and it fits beautifully in my monthly budget. The private Facebook group and app help me stay accountable and motivated to reach my goals. Fitness for me is about feeling strong, healthy and happy and OTB is helping me achieve my goals one WOD at a time.

I just wanted to say thank you for creating this program. I’ve been going to traditional boxes for years now. Lately, I wanted to be able to save more money, and have more time for other interests and priorities, but haven’t wanted to sacrifice being fit. I had thought of joining a traditional gym, but I HATE coming up with workouts and being alone is hard. When I heard about your program I was pumped, I could save money, you give me a great workout (warm up included...whoop), and to top it all off I feel like I’m not working out alone when I see others posting in the app and FB group. All this just to give y’all a shout out for creating a great program!

I can't currently commit to a brick-and-mortar community because of time and financial constraints, but I found a solution through Outside the Box! They provide a TOTAL PACKAGE: motivational content, stellar programming for all levels and equipment availability, instructional videos, and a PHENOMENAL community, headed up by some amazing movers and shakers. The private Facebook group and Beyond the Whiteboard app really help me to stay accountable, and I love the interaction with the rest of the Outsider family.

I am a wife to a busy husband and a homeschool mom to two very active boys. I stay busy between their schooling and their sports. Having the time to devote to my family is a priority. I need a community built around that type of lifestyle — the lifestyle that allows for minimal time to maintain a healthy level of fitness that prepares me for whatever life throws at me. With Outside the Box, all I really need is a pair of dumbbells and thirty minutes. My workouts end up happening in living room, on my back patio, or a local gymnasium when I have time to leave the house. Outside the Box gives me five chances a week to participate in the dumbbell dance party. I'm loving it!

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