Meet the Team

We created Outside the Box for people like us, people who want to get fit and stay fit but don’t have a bunch of time for fitness.

Hi, we’re the Barbers.

Once upon a time, we were CrossFit Games competitors. Now, we run a business from home while raising three little kiddos. Our lives have changed a lot over the years. And so have our reasons for working out.

We used to train to keep an edge on the competition. Now we work out to keep up with our kids. And to keep sane.

Being parents and small business owners requires constant attention and mental energy. Which means sometimes our fitness slips through the cracks.

We originally created this program for ourselves so we could stay fit and ready for anything without having to leave the house. When we shared the workouts with friends, they kept asking for more.

Now, we’ve partnered with Brute Strength to bring this programming to you. We’ve gathered a team of CrossFit coaches and CrossFitters who share our vision to build an uncomplicated, but fun, fitness program that’s friendly to the watch and wallet.

Taz Barber
Co-Founder / Semi-Nomadic Programmer

Sports and competition have always been a big part of who I am. I stumbled into CrossFit while training for sprint kayaking. Soon, CrossFit took over my life. It has become my livelihood – I coach classes and write session plans for gyms all around the world. It’s how I met my husband. It’s helped shape my character. After my second child, life has become fuller and more complicated. I no longer have time for 1-2 hours of working out on a daily basis. I no longer make competition my priority. I want to be fit enough to keep up with my active family. I have three sons now, I’m outnumbered! I need to be able to keep them from “watering” our garden and killing the plants. My fitness is my “me time”. It keeps me ready for our trips to the ocean, our hikes, camping trips, and growing food in the backyard. It allows me to stay kind, loving, and fun. I’m excited to help bring the same benefits to others.

Pat Barber
Co-Founder/Video Monkey/Head Pesterer of Taz

When I got started in CrossFit back in 2004, I was just another bro trying to find his way. Then it became everything — how I made a living, how I met my wife, and why I traveled around the world. My mission today is so different than when I was giving hours of my day to training. I’ve gone from dude to dad. My current goal in life is to raise three good men. And to do that, I’ve got to teach them about self-discipline, camaraderie, humility, and the power of a good mental game. What I know from 12+ years of coaching CrossFit is that it’s so much more than an exercise program. It can improve almost everything in your life. If I want to teach my sons good habits, I have to walk my talk because they are always watching and learning. Plus, I want to be fit enough to play with them, to do fun stuff with them, and be healthy into old age. In my free time, I surf, watch youtube, and dabble in knifemaking/blacksmithing.

Cheryl Hargrove
Programming Maven/Head of Support Squad/Loudest Belcher in the West

I started CrossFit 10 years ago as a student at UCLA. Our earliest attempts for benchmark workouts involved monkey bars to do our pull-ups. Since then, I’ve learned how to coach, manage and operate a gym, develop coaches, compete at 4 Crossfit Regionals, and train people from all walks of life. This past year I became a mom and found a newfound passion in fostering the growth of my family. My husband and I substitute our old weekends at the gym with trips to our favorite beach and neighborhood walks with our little boy. We still take time to fitness, but we also love to crack open a few 22s of our favorite IPA and binge on every Alaska-based reality show that the Discovery Channel has created. Fitness for us has shifted from a competitive hobby to the practical application of life & the ability to be the best version of ourselves for our family.

Whitney Lowery
Head of Media/Puppet Master/Content Polymath

I grew up in the woods of Alabama. I spent most of my time wakeboarding, running trails, and playing softball. More than anything, I loved having a good time outside. Things changed in my twenties when an auto-immune disorder set in and chronic pain quickly followed. I was forced to look at my life and evaluate everything. I wasn’t going to let my weaknesses define me. Instead, I became laser-focused on the aspects of my life I can actually control, and I chose to move on from everything else. I’ve grown to become more in tune with my body and how to keep on my feet. Fitness isn’t about appearance or competition. It’s about continuing to do the things I love, like farming, tending to plants, and transforming landscapes. Those take accountability, strength, and conditioning. Plus, I’m surrounded by other nature geeks, and I need to stay fit to keep up with our adventures. More than anything, I want to live true to myself. If anyone else wants to join, that’d be rad.

Danial Hooper
Word Wizard/Lead Brewmaster/First Contact Seeker

I came into CrossFit 9 years ago, and have never been particularly good at it. I’ve been to CrossFit Regionals and the CrossFit Games 3 times. All as a spectator. I enjoy working out but have no desire for a six pack, unless it’s an IPA. I’m a regular guy who wants to be fit. I have twin daughters who dance competitively. A teenage son who loves Fortnite and mimics my every move. To top it off, my wife and I have a newborn son who cost a fortune because of IVF. I work long hours, write novels in my free time, and Outside the Box is exactly what I need. My works vary from Vampire Comedy, Apocalyptic, and I even wrote a Romance novel. Now, I also get to write for Outside the Box and I couldn’t be more excited. I love coaching, advising, encouraging, and making people laugh.

We’re Partners With Brute Strength Training

They’re all about optimal human performance. Not just in the weight room, either. They value mental toughness equal to any PR, and because of that – they’re the perfect partner with our team. Brute is the pinnacle of online fitness training in part due to their belief in malleable minds and muscles. Their goal is to promote more fitness, more fun, more life, and more joy. We go about it differently, but our aim is the same.