The Best “Nice to Have” CrossFit Home Gym Gear

Pat Barber Home Gym

Do you dream of the perfect CrossFit home gym? The one that’s stocked with all the best gear and all the cushy comforts that make the space your favorite place to be. So that you actually want to get up and move, you finally get fit and stay fit, and you never struggle with consistency. Yeah…I’ve given many hours to that fantasy too. Our garage gym isn’t perfect, never will be. That’s the magical pull of the dream. There’s always …

Fitting In Fitness When Life is Full

Pat Barber No Filter Fitness

Even though we’ve been CrossFitting for over a decade, we’re brand new to the individual programming space. Why? Because our specialty has always been programming for affiliates, and we just couldn’t connect to individual programming. Or quick workouts. It wasn’t us. It wasn’t our life. That’s different now. We still believe that going to a CrossFit affiliate that you really like is the best thing you can do for your fitness. Hands down. That said… We have three kiddos and …

Our Gear List Explained

Pat Barber Home Gym

In this video, I walk you through our garage gym as I talk about my favorite gear and some options for where to buy equipment. I also show you what gear you need for each equipment phase of our program (Minimalist, Generalist, Enthusiast) so you can see where you’re at within those set-ups. In the video, I mention a few places to shop for equipment: Play It Again Sports Target Ross/Marshalls And then the more specialty shops: Rogue Titan Rage …

Dad Hack: DIY Med Ball

Pat Barber Home Gym

You fellow dads out there will understand: When you become a father, it’s universal law that you start DIYing. It just happens, and there’s no fighting it. This is my latest project— a step-by-step tutorial on how to make a medicine ball from stuff in my backyard and garage. For everyone out there doing home gym workouts or living that #garagegymlife. Stay gold.