Unfiltered Woman – Sage Burgener Ep. 1

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That 100% self love thing is bullsh*t. You have to own your sh*t.

All About Sage

In this week’s edition of Unfilitered Woman, Taz sits down with Sage Burgener. Sage has 25 years of Olympic Weightlifting experience as she started lifting at the age of 4 (some of you may know her dad, Mike B.) She currently coaches in the sport and has 2 kiddos to keep her hands full!

Owning Your Sh*t

This week, Sage delves into some personal topics regarding transforming her life. She looked in the mirror and didn’t like the person she was. The person that she was conditioned to be since she was little; married at 19, kids at 22, and following a certain mold. She felt self-consumed and unhappy with the way she treated people. She even filed for a divorce.

So many of us are at the same place in our lives. We look around and wonder, “how did we even get here?”

Sage talks about her process of becoming the person she wanted to be. She started to care less about what other people thought of her – how other people perceive her imperfections. She decided she was going to, “own her shit.”

What does this involve? Realizing that we have to accept that we have flaws. We have imperfections and we have virtues that we need to balance.

Watch the video for the most S bombs and truth you’re gonna hear all day. Trust us.

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