Unfiltered Woman – Adee Cazayoux Fitness and Nutrition During Pregnancy

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Pregnancy in Relation to Nutrition & Training

Taz and Adee are not only great friends, but have been collaborating regarding training modifications during Adee’s early pregnancy stages. As a mom of three, Taz had some experience and advice to give!

In this week’s discussion, the two chat about workouts, nutrition, and lifestyle changes during pregnancy. Taz and Adee, going through her first pregnancy, share each of their stories, experiences, and advice in this latest interview.

The whole episode is a long one, so we’ve broken it down for you by topic!

  • 2:40 biggest problem during pregnancy
  • 7:00 advice for first time mothers who need to adjust their training/lifestyle
  • 11:00 do you think you did anything to help not get any typical pregnancy symptoms
  • 15:00 how do you deal with and navigate other peoples experiences/opinions regarding pregnancy and postpartum
  • 17:30 what’s the biggest emotion that comes when you think about labor, for your and your partner
  • 24:00 what sort of relationship do you foresee between training and giving labor?
  • 27:00 thoughts on postpartum recovery and returning to regular training life
  • 30:00 how Adee is eating differently during pregnancy, what she’s eating, is she keto, what is she NOT eating?
  • 37:00 top baby names for baby boy Cazayoux!

All About Adee

In this week’s edition of Unfiltered Woman, Taz sits down with Adee Cazayoux, founder of Working Against Gravity. It is program that works with clients one-on-one to help them meet their health and nutrition goals. Her academia includes Masters in Nutrition and Human Performance and BAH in Psychology|Masters in Teaching. Her competitive career in Weightlifting boasts a Bronze medal at the 2016 Canadian National Weightlifting Championships.

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