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This world is full of people pushing themselves, unlearning harmful beliefs and behaviors, following their curiosity, and just trying to do their part to love life and leave the world better than they found it. If they can do it, so can you, so can we. Because we’re all in this together, and we’re tougher than we think.

In this week’s Outsider Interview, we’d like to introduce you to Cheryl.

What is your favorite thing to do outside?
Go to the beach or body of water with the family, shoot the shit, watch the hubs BBQ some meats while I’m dancing to Luis Fonsi and using my beer can as a microphone.

I also love to hike, but I’ve got a cap of about 6 miles then I’m over it… #takemetohappyhour

It’s your birthday and you get to have anything for dinner you want. What are we eating?
Chicken tenders, Extra Toasty Cheez-itz, cheesy broccoli, and Drake’s/Lagunitas/Racer 5 IPA.

Where did you grow up? And where are you now?
Born in Richmond, CA, then to Campbell, CA, once school age, and now up in the Santa Cruz Mountains (2,000 ft up in the sky!)

Are you a Minimalist/Generalist/Enthusiast?
Mostly a mix between Generalist and Minimalist.

What’s your typical workout environment?
I work out at my local affiliate, Sundown Crossfit, most days of the week. When logistics don’t permit, I work out in the driveway or backyard 🙂

What’s been your best workout gear investment?
An old Schwinn Airdyne that I got for free in exchange for cleaning all of the rowers at my gym. Haha! None of it is digital – the tachometer does the trick for measuring my RPMs. #oldschool

If we took a look at your workout playlist, what songs would we find?
Rage Against the Machine or for a short, sub 10 metcon where I need to get angry.

Country (Aldean, Chesney, Rucker), East Coast hip hop (Common, Nas), or classic rock (Boston, Zeppelin) for a solo lifting session.

Early 2000s punk/ alternative (NFG, Blink, Green Day), Kygo, Lupe Fiasco for everyday feelz.

What’s your workout routine like?
9:30am classes Mon-Fri. If I’m at home, usually 12pm at the hottest time of the day LOL.

Which movements make your body smile? And which ones do you wish you could banish from the program forever?
Squatting makes me happy. Short femurs FTW. #AzNSquat

I love to hate the Assault Bike. Partly because I’m so bad at it.

If you could workout with anyone, who would you choose?
Dwane “The Rock” Johnson. A pump sesh with home would. be. epic. I would also want to partake in his weekly cheat meals (if you haven’t seen them, please check out his IG).

What’s your biggest obstacle to consistently working out? And how do you overcome it?
Over-training into injury. I am used to being able to perform and push myself in the gym. I am getting more injured now as I’m older, am more sedentary (I’m not walking around coaching and in a gym for 10 hours a day anymore), and am constantly carrying my kid and carrying tension in my shoulders/upper back.

I want to go hard. I want to hit workouts like I did in my glory, team training days, but I find that when I do and I don’t rest enough, I hurt myself.

I overcome it by swallowing a big dose of humble pie and being more cognizant of my volume, exertion, and other factors like sleep/stress. I will also momentarily mobilize a LOT more… but that’s usually short lived once I get better LOL.

We believe fitness is about what we can do with our bodies. What do you want to do with your fitness?
Be able to throw my kids and their kids up in the air decades from now. Hike mountains and travel the world when I get to retirement age. Be able to do my own housework and carry bags of dog food from my trunk to my cabinet when I’m 90.

In the last five years, what new belief, behavior, or habit has most improved your life?
Recognizing that fitness isn’t life – it’s there to enhance it, but not be what my entire world or focus is about. My balance and mentality regarding quality of life have greatly improved.

When you feel overwhelmed or unfocused, what do you do? What activities or practices help you connect back to yourself and feel better about life?
I ask others for help – my family is a big support system. They watch my kid so I can get s**t done! I try to be self sustaining, but I’m not too proud to recognize when I need to reach out. Luckily, I have an amazing support system.

If you could re-experience a book/movie/tv-show/song/album for the first time, what would it be?
Pride and Prejudice (2005 version). I think I’ve watched that movie literally 12 times. Also, 40-year-old Virgin. I’ve watched that literally 10 times.

We’re all weird. What’s one unusual habit or thing you do?
I over-eat vegetables. I really like to eat, so I know that if I over-eat those I won’t weigh 50 lbs more than I do now. I will eat about 10 servings daily. I shit you not (lol no pun intended).

I’ll take frozen vegetables (peas, green beans, broccoli, etc.) and then thaw them by running hot water over it and eat it with my hands. My husband thinks its the weirdest thing ever.

What made you go Outside the Box?
Joining forces with Pat and Taz and recognizing that there are a lot of people out there who were in the same boat as us – enthusiastic about fitness, but wanted to find a way to reorient our focus more towards life goals rather than competitive accolades, vanity, or societal pressures to look or behave a certain way. We wanted to be unapologetically authentic about life and the pursuit to incorporate health into fitness – not just physical health, but mental as well.

Where can people find you on the interwebs?
You can find me on Instagram as @cherylfasho

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