DIY Medicine Ball – Beer, Beans & Baby Wipes

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Working Out At Home During the Holidays

The holidays mean that we end up getting a bit off kilter with our schedules. We have special occasions to tend to, holiday parties to make appearances at, cookies that hang out on the counter and stare at us until we consume them… but we STILL wanna keep our fitnassss up.

My favorite thing to do is a workout in my own living room, especially in the winter time when it’s cold outside and I find every excuse to not move.

Last week, my creativity got the best of me. I had no weights, but I did have the determination to get a bit of a sweat on in front of my TV, so I created my own Medicine Ball with random items from around the house.

I was really craving a workout with some #abz in it and behold, the Med Ball Sit-up was in the programmed workout for Friday (thanks, Taz).

The Workout

Last Friday’s workout called for one weight to perform the workout. Minimalist/Generalist is with a DB. Enthusiast is with a Plate.

I didn’t have either. So what did I do?

I needed to find my own ingredients to make my own weight.

Behold the Beer/Beans/Baby Wipes Medicine Ball.

10 Rounds with 10 reps each of:
Med Ball Sit-up
MB Good-morning
MB Ground to Overhead

Build Your Own Medicine Ball

The ingredients.

med ball sit-up

Line the bottom with baby wipes for structure & support (and cuteness).

med ball sit-up

Add in cans for a bit more heft and weight… (beans, beans, the magical fruit, the more eat you, the more you toot!)

Tetris another layer of baby wipes to help maintain shape and rigidity.

Add in some mo’ weight. We like 21st Amendment Brewing… but I’m sure some LaCroix would work 😉

Tetris the top layer on and DOUBLE KNOT! Crucial to not get hit in the face.

med ball sit-up

Now… what do I do with this bad boy?! #WERKOUT

Workout Rundown

PlaylistHalsey “Nightmare”

Time – 10:05

Favorite Movement – Med Ball Sit-ups … cause … #abz

Movement Demo – chyeck my video.


Want in? See what we’re all about 😉

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