in a hurry

In a Hurry

Danial Hooper Brain Gainz, No Filter Fitness

So yeah…

The great failure of our society is not having too much to do. It’s not the distractions. Not the flashing lights or inability to stay focused on one thing. Our problem is that we’re always in a hurry. It’s our need for speed.

In high school, our football team’s motto was “Speed Kills.” Those words are way more true now than they were back then.

Speed kills relationships, because we stop being patient with one another.

It kills goals, because we want the glory before the grind.

And it kills finances, because we choose to eat fast food despite having plenty of food to cook in the fridge.

Time is not the enemy. 

It’s hurry.

How about this…

We’re 40 days out until 2020. Which means the influx of New Year’s Resolutions. So many Becky’s and Kevin’s will be at the gym with all the motivation in the world. Only it will fade and they’ll end up back on the couch. Spirit broken. They’re in a hurry to obtain, and yet they never take the time to do it.

Why? Do they just suck at life? Are they bad people? Would it be better if we shamed them?

They’re stuck in a bad cycle, and they’re in a hurry to escape. Change is a struggle. It takes perseverance and grit. You even need a little luck. And support.

As for me…

I’ve often failed because I don’t want to lose 30 lbs in the first month, I want to lose in by my third set. If I don’t walk out of the gym a sexy beast, why did I even walk in?

I’m in a hurry.

As for us…

We do this, don’t we? Every step towards achievement carries the weight of 1,000 other days. The process isn’t joyful. It’s terror. You mean to tell me that I’ve got to workout like this every day for the rest of my life? Even AFTER I get skinny and hot? There’s no final boss at the end that grants me unlimited fitness for ever and ever?

What’s wrong with this picture? We’re constantly fighting a losing battle and somehow act surprised when it doesn’t go well. Go figure. We’re all just the kid shoveling ice cream in his mouth, getting brain freeze, and then diving back in. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results.

The Truth…

That doesn’t have to be your 2020. Heck, it doesn’t have to be your 2019. It doesn’t require a silver bullet, holy intervention, or a shaman. You have to be willing to label the real issue. It’s not you, it’s hurry. Hurry is the problem, but it’s only one thing. It comes in many forms, but it’s only one thing. You’ve been like this your entire life, but it’s only one thing.

It’s only one thing, but it’s not you. You’re not your emotions or struggles. You have emotions, but they don’t define you. You’re not angry. You FEEL anger. You’re not impatient. You FEEL impatient. 

To overcome… 

  1. Label it. When you see it in your life; whether through lack of patience, emotional reactions to simple things, or constantly reviewing results. See it. Call it for what it is.
  2. Purposely move slow. Be more aware of your surroundings. Hug your spouse. Take the dog for a walk. The laundry is going to be there when you get back. 
  3. Enjoy the moment. Be motivated for now. Make your goals current. In the minutia. Take more deep breaths. Smile at strangers. Turn off the podcast, Post Malone album, or your book on tape – just enjoy the silence.

Exercise is a distant memory for some of us. Not because we don’t like working out, or physically intended on physically deteriorating. But life doesn’t fit time for the gym. There’s no good starting point, there’s no happy medium. Exercise only brings hurry back.

Unless you work around it.

Outsiders Stay Gold…

This is why our programming is 30 minutes per day. We want good workouts in less than 2% of your day, that way you can go back to living a full life. This isn’t the program for fitness freaks, it’s for people with plenty of excuses. Our excuses don’t stop us, they highlight our days. They help us pay our bills. Sing us happy birthday. Make life better.

We have an advantage over hurry, but it still exists.

Now, we just have to overcome.

One day at a time.

Slow is steady. Steady is fast.

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