How to Use the Squads Feature in Beyond the Whiteboard

Pat Barber BTWB

To get this program into your hands, we’ve partnered with Beyond the Whiteboard.⁣

And one of our favorite things about the app is the Squads feature.⁣

With it, you can create private squads and invite family and friends to do the same workouts you’re doing so that you can all suffer together. ????⁣

The app lets you share workout activity, messages and personal records with your crews.⁣ Which means you can hold each other accountable, celebrate wins, show support and benefit from some friendly competition.

We’ve already organized a few squads with friends and co-workers. So, yes, talking of smack has been happening. There’s love and encouragement in there too.

We feel like it’s a fun feature that’s especially great for people who aren’t working out in a group class setting.⁣

With this handy little feature, it’s like you’re working out with friends.

But in a safe way.

As in, you don’t have to do sit-ups in their sweat puddles. (You’re welcome.)

Also, coming up with squad names is pretty darn fun: ⁣⠀

  • French Toast Mafia⁣⠀
  • Rowing Pains⁣⠀
  • Average Joes⁣⠀
  • WOD We Do This?⁣⠀
  • Blister Sisters⁣⠀
  • Double Under Wonders⁣⠀
  • Mom Jeans and Power Cleans⁣

So gather your people and get ‘em to join the #DumbbellDanceParty with you.⁣

Because dance parties are more fun with friends.

If you’re into our Beyond the Whiteboard tutorial videos, here’s how the Squad feature works:

Outsiders, you are automatically added to Outside the Box’s main Squad within Beyond the Whiteboard, but you can also create any additional Squads you want to.

Stay gold.

(PS — You can find other Beyond the Whiteboard tutorial videos here.)

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