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This week’s blog post comes to us from Janet Navarrette, founder and owner of BlueJ Health and Wellness – a company devoted to bringing health, fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle education to everyday people like you, specializing in corporate wellness. Check out her tips for incorporating travel workouts and healthy nutrition! 

Janet takes her corporate wellness classes through some functional movement in the courtyard. Being OTB and getting a good workout doesn’t need to only occur in your garage!

Business, Balance, and Your Best Intentions

Business trips usually come with a tough schedule filled hour-to-hour with client meetings, all-day conferences, followed by lots of drinking (especially if you’re in sales)!

But despite this heavy schedule, you have the best intentions and pack your workout shoes and clothes anyway. You’re positive you’ll be able to wake up early go on that morning run or get a quick workout in at the hotel gym, even though it hasn’t happened on any of your trips yet. Well, maybe it’s time to try something different to get you staying fit and healthy while you’re away. Here are a few practical tips you can do on your next trip hit those travel workouts.

Working Out

If your trip is only a short few days, the best thing to do is to maintain your regiment at home and have your rest days fall on your travel days. That way, it’s as though nothing was really off while you were away.

For longer trips, it might not be best to take more days off so here are some things you can keep in mind to not skimp out on travel workouts.

Be Realistic
Throw your at-home fitness goals out the window. Business travel is not the time to work on getting your first pull-up or PRing your back squat weight. The goal is to move, get in a quick workout, and get some endorphins going so that you stay energetic throughout your day. Now is not the time to suddenly start a Smolov program.

Lower Barriers & Have a Plan
Eliminating barriers is the other key to remaining accountable to travel workouts. For instance, there are a lot of excuses that suddenly come up when you have to walk from your hotel room to the hotel fitness center. So, opt to get a quick workout in your room instead. Keep the workouts simple. Start with a simple, bodyweight format like 3 Rounds 50 sit-ups + 50 squats + 50 lunges. Or better yet, just open the OTB program and eliminate the guess work. Programs like these give you structure.

Hit It Up in the AM
Morning workouts are going to be your best bet. Get it out of the way and you don’t have to worry about putting it off. Yes, sometimes those precious extra minutes of sleep are needed! The night before, prep and iron your clothes, pack your bag ahead of time and do anything else you can get a head start on fitting in that travel workout. That way you can press snooze at least once and still get a quick workout in.

Simplicity is key. Hop on a treadmill and hit up some intervals at an incline. Lowering barriers to entry helps ensure commitment and success!

Eating Out

Short Trips
The same tip applies with food if you’re on a short trip. If you’ve stayed on your nutrition plan leading up to the trip, being a bit more relaxed for a couple of days won’t wreck your overall health.

Navigating Catering
When you’re traveling, you’re unlikely in a position to meal prep. Oftentimes you’re at the helm of catering where you can’t control the ingredients. In these instances, you’re just going to have to control what you can. Load up on as many veggies as possible and try to keep your plates balanced. For example, instead of having the bread roll AND the potatoes, pick one of those instead.

When to Give In
If you’re going to indulge, make it worth it. If it’s your first time in Chicago, you have a to have Chicago style pizza! Life is more than just about watching what you eat, so allow some indulgences here and there – that is actually a tip for life, not just for traveling. 🙂

Hydration Nation
Lastly, the best thing you can do is to drink tons of water! Especially if you’re partaking in alcohol. The more hydrated you are, the more efficiently your body will work for you! Plus, you’ll be less likely to overeat 😉

The Bottom Line

Staying fit and healthy while traveling is easier to read about than actually doing. But if you commit to at least one of these small practices, you’re headed in the right direction! Give it a try next time you’re away and see if you feel a difference!




A bit about our guest blogger, Janet Navarrette:
Janet has been around CrossFit for 10 years and has experience managing teams of coaches from all over the world. Her company, Blue J. Health and Wellness specializes in implementing successful functional fitness programs in the corporate setting. She cares deeply about community and the well-being of others. When she’s not thinking of how to take over the world, she practices Jiu-Jitsu, binges shows on Netflix and visits the Happiest Place on Earth.

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