How to Check Leaderboards in Beyond the Whiteboard

Pat Barber BTWB

Wanna see the leaderboard for the workouts you’re following in Beyond the Whiteboard?

Before I dive in, I need to quickly explain what our “tracks” are and how that affects which leaderboards you might want to see.

With Outside the Box, you get 3 workout tracks (or options) with every workout.

These tracks are based on what type of equipment you have access to:

  1. Minimalist: dumbbells, jump rope
  2. Generalist: dumbbells, jump rope, pull-up bar, box, medicine ball
  3. Enthusiast: dumbbells, jump rope, pull-up bar, box, medicine ball, kettlebell, rings, rower, barbell

When you’ve figured out if you’re a Minimalist/Generalist/Enthusiast, you might want to see how other Minimalist/etc. are performing in the same workouts you’re doing.

This video tutorial will show you how to see the leaderboard for the track you’re following:

A little friendly competition can be motivating. 🙂

Stay gold.


(PS — We have more Beyond the Whiteboard tutorials here)

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