Eat Better or Workout?

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Our lives are full and a bit chaotic, which means it often feels impossible to hit the holy trinity: nutrition, movement and sleep.

We feel like something has to be sacrificed.

When we were younger, we gave up sleep as though it was this cheap thing that didn’t matter much because we could always drink more coffee.

Then came the kiddos to keep us up at night, and we became obsessed with sleep. What it does for our brains, our emotional wellbeing, our bodies, our relationships. We read books and listened to podcasts. And statements like I’ll sleep when I’m dead lost their humor.

So, if we refuse to give up more sleep than we have to (again, kiddos), what then?

Today, we’re sitting down to talk about the decisions we make when it comes to eating well and working out.

To analyze those times when we ask ourselves: Do I want to be more relaxed about what I eat but workout more often? Or, do I want to make better food choices and workout less? Even if they’re just quick workouts (30-min or less).

There’s what we know we should do (in a perfect world), and what we actually choose to do every day.

This is our real life. With businesses to run, a mortgage to pay, kids to look after, relationships to tend to, and the list keeps going. We are all in the struggle together, and we feel like we need to get real about how we’re talking about health and fitness.

We’re certainly not saying we have all the answers or know the one right way to do anything. This is just a look at the thought processes behind how we make decisions for ourselves.

Much like we did in our other conversation — Fitting in Fitness When Life is Full — about how we do our best to make quick workouts work.

Stay gold.

Taz Barber Editor
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I’m the one you love to hate — I am the master programmer here at OTB, which means I’m the one making you do all those burpees and all that running. #Sorrynotsorry. If it makes you feel better, I’m doing it too. I’m an outnumbered mamma (3 boys) and wife to Pat, and my other true loves are the ocean and cooking tasty meals inspired by our travels.