DIY: Make Your Own Weights for the Home Gym

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Make Your Own Weights

When making the shift from a conventional gym or affiliate to your home, one big factor is finances. You’ve made the decision to work out at home, so now your goal is to outfit the bad boy. You parouse Craigslist, hit up local garage sales, check Facebook Marketplace for some cheap weights, but often times it’s a laborious effort that involves coordinating with multiple people. Even more so than that, it takes a lot of attention to keep sifting through the pages.

Fear not.

We’ve constructed a guide of how to make your own equipment from items around the house. Pimp out your own garage gym. You won’t need to purchase anything extra, other than your regular groceries during the week. Not only is our method cost-effective, but it’s green! Saving the world by recycling and reusing!

Simple 25 lb. Weight Flow Chart

Step 1) Buy laundry detergent.
Step 2) Use as a weight & WORK OUT!

If using laundry detergent immediately, bypass step 2 and go to step 3.
Step 3) Use laundry detergent or find an empty container.
Step 4) Fill empty container with water.
Step 5) WORK OUT!

Wow. That wasn’t so hard, was it?

Try These Movements!

Now you know where to look and how to make some easy equipment, here are some example exercises you can do using your new-fangled equipment!

Single-arm Water Jug Snatch with Overhead Squat

Used as a Dumbbell substitute. Performed here is a Single-arm Snatch into Single-arm Overhead Squats. You can also perform Single-arm Cleans in any overhead movement (Press, Push Press, Jerk). You can do an array of Single-arm movements such as a Single-arm Front Squat, Front-rack Lunge, or Carry. Just make sure that lid is screwed on tight 😉

Step-ups, Cleans, and Squats with 24-Pack of Cans

Used as a Medicine Ball substitute. You can literally perform any movement with them (Deadlifts, Squats, Step-ups, Lunges, SIt-ups, Cleans… maaaybe not Snatches) and you can vary the loading (12-pack, 18-pack, 24-pack, 30-pack).

GHD Stimulus Without the GHD!

Don’t we all love the ab burn from the GHD machine? Use an object to anchor the feet down to get the hips/legs recruited in the movement. Want to increase range of motion? Perform on a slight decline (aka a hill) and it makes the Sit-ups WAY harder! Just like going below parallel on the GHD-machine.

Want some more workout or movement ideas? Check out our Movement Demo Library to see all variations of minimalist movements along with 30 free warm-ups!

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