Definition of Resiliency

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Resiliency and Being an Outsider

What’s the definition of resiliency?

1. able to withstand or recover quickly from difficult conditions.

By the dictionary, the definition of resiliency simply means to be able to bounce back from any adversity back to your original state. Essentially, it means to be unchanging in the face of an obstacle.

This somewhat applicable to our Outsider definition of resiliency, but we want more. Our definition of resiliency features the ability to THRIVE in the face of adversity. The basic definition doesn’t take into account mental and physical growth, increasing capability or ability to perform tasks in every day life.

As Outsiders, our definition of resiliency is a marriage of these two ideas: withstanding difficulty, recovering quickly, and then thriving in a new state. Growing from experiences.

We like to define this as #ResilientAF. The Outsider definition of resiliency brings more to the table.


What Resiliency Means to Taz

Resilience is when you aren’t seeing the results as quickly as you want but you keep working hard towards your goal anyway. You overcome the voice telling you to quit.

Resilience happens when you keep getting injured, but you continue pursuing wellness. You find another way.

Resilience is when you constantly feel like your head is barely above water, but you go to bed, and try again the next day. Every day is a new opportunity to grow. There is nothing you can’t come back from.

When you don’t have the equipment, so you find bodyweight workouts to keep moving. Like these. 

When you get shot down time and time again from the job of your dreams, and still – you keep trying anyway. All you need is one chance.

When you realize that being an entrepreneur is harder than you expected, but realize it was never about it being easy. Yet, you refuse to throw in the towel. The winner’s circle is small, your heart is not.

When you haven’t slept an 8 hour night in over a year, because #kids, but you get up, drink coffee, and start each day. Those kids are worth less sleep.

Resilience is about failing over and over again before you see one tiny light of success, it’s about not making excuses. It’s about doing the work, creating momentum and moving forward towards your purpose in life.

Resilience is the continuous pursuit for a life of Health and Fitness despite the demands of a chaotic life.

Showing up for ourselves everyday (or 3 times per week) through fitness, helps us become resilient people outside the box.

What Resiliency Means to Pat

My definition of resiliency: the ability to withstand anything that is thrown at you. Figuring out a way to approach something GREAT without losing your identity. Or conquering the intimidating obstacle. Resiliency is ability to withstand torrential downpour and get back on your previous course, or turn into a new direction of life.

Outside the Box does that by providing a physical ability to do anything you want in life, physically. That’s the goal. Pick any kid up, rescue someone from under a fallen log. This physical capacity helps build internal confidence to move through life and do the things you want.

Things programmed in workouts aren’t necessarily “fun” by the conventional definition. The point is that we face things we don’t want to face. We do so with other like-minded individuals because we’re in it together. We’re going to face obstacles as a community, learn how to adapt, and overcome it.

Our goal is to face things we don’t want to do, and then adapt and accomplish things we never thought possible.

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