Let’s Talk About Mondays

Danial Hooper Brain Gainz, No Filter Fitness

So yeah…

Mondays will suck the life out of you. It’s almost in our DNA to complain and grog and whine our way through the first morning of the work week. We have a deeply abusive relationship with Mondays.  Every single time that alarm clock goes off, there’s a piece of us shrieking out a death call. “It feels like a Monday” is a way to describe an awful day that won’t end. “Case of the Mondays” is used when you’re grouchy and miserable. 1/7 of our week is spent in a hateful purgatory.

How about this…

This type of attitude spent in 20% of the workweek is flat-out tragic. We’re called to be resilient. Not sometimes, all times. Our lives are OUR lives. Yet, we forfeit so much of our time to frustration over an inevitable day of the week. We ice skate uphill and never take the time to question if it would be smarter to take off the skates.

As for me…

I come from a long line of Monday-haters. My mother was a Monday hater. So was my father, and his father before him. If you look up Hooper in the dictionary, the primary definition is “Complains about Mondays.” It’s just in my blood. No different than back hair (from pops) and being a work-aholic (from mama). Mondays are so damaging, that they actually damage my Sundays too! I’m spending half my Sundays dreading tomorrow, as if I don’t have a perfect opportunity to capture something.

So here I am, fighting the case of the Mondays. Uphill skating.

There’s a little quote I like,

“If you’re going to live by a river, make friends with the crocodile.”

Mondays are the week’s Crocodiles, aren’t they? How do you make friends with a super villain?

I’m choosing to look at Mondays differently, moving forward. Gone are the days of Dazed. I’m not going to survive my Mondays, I’m going to dominate these things. No more passive attempts. I’m facing the beast.

I’m the bigger beast.

As for us…

We can chose to curse the darkness or light a candle. Complain or train. Wither through or… Power Up. We get 52 of these things every year, we can choose to dominate them and ride the momentum. Change definitions. It isn’t easy, but neither is being gator bait. We’re not here for long, so let’s not waste 14% of our lives with a poopy attitude.

It starts with a decision, it ends with execution.

The Truth…

You don’t have to be a rocket surgeon to change definitions. We can control two things, our attitude and our effort. Redefining Mondays is no easy task. Neither is building new habits, overcoming weaknesses, getting out of bed in the morning, or cooking your own food. To take it a step further, there are very few things that are easy when you first begin. All habits are forged, they are not passive.

Life isn’t a sail boat. You better bring your oars and get ready to row.

To overcome… 

  1. Pick a time that allows you to wake up early enough to be patient in the morning. Set your alarm, and set it out of reach. Make it impossible to roll over and snooze button yourself. into oblivion.
  2. Set your clothes out the night before. Seriously, get prepped. Have your coffee pot ready and have your slippers beside your bed. Don’t trip over yourself Sunday nights.
  3. Play music. Dance. Enjoy it. Create a little game of it. Monday morning dance parties at the Hooper house baby!
  4. Fight for positivity. Say nice things. Talk about setting a tone today. Right now. Talk about controlling the flow of your week by dominating the day. Not winning. Not surviving. DOMINATING.

Outsiders Stay Gold…

Every Monday morning, I send an email to the Outside the Box mailing list titled, “We Own Mondays.” Outsiders are build to be resilient humans who thrive in stressful situations. We overcome weaknesses. We don’t demonize excuses, we move through them. Together.

So hey, come see about us.

Be resilient.

Danial Hooper Editor
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I’m the family lab rat, if your family is a group of mad scientists. I mask my weaknesses by being funny and telling stories. Basically, I write posts for the blog, type up some emails, help where asked, and cry when Taz makes us run. My novels are available on Amazon. Something’s got to pay my daughters’ dance fees. I have four kids, three cats, and one wife. I love all of them dearly.