Let’s Talk About Fitness

Danial Hooper Brain Gainz, No Filter Fitness

So yeah… What is fitness, really? I’m not asking for Webster’s definition. That’s going to give some vague smart mush about physical capabilities and yada yadas. The definition isn’t the word, it’s just a description. And it feels pretty unrealistic. I’m in my 30s, fitness ain’t the same as back in the olden days. Ain’t nobody got time for 90 minutes in the gym. Not if you’re working a 9-5 and got a spouse and kids and cats and need …

On the Horizon

Danial Hooper No Filter Fitness

Pat and I met in 2009, right before the CrossFit Games that we were both about to participate in. Our training leading up to the first day of competition was made up of ‘playing’ sports with each other. Badminton and golf were the two favorites. We trained between this 😉 Even with nine CrossFit Games appearances between the two of us, working out has never completed our identities. Our love for play, adventure, improving as humans, and in the last …


Let’s Talk About Change

Danial Hooper Brain Gainz, No Filter Fitness

So yeah… This is an unprecedented time in our history. Social Unrest is more unrested than… maybe ever? At least on a global scale, right? I’m not a historian, but the amount of tension is different. This amount of pain is different. It’s ugly. And it’s needed. Change is coming. It’s the only way we can grow.  But change is hard.  People are struggling. Both sides of the fence are growing more frustrated. For those sitting on the fence, that …

Unfiltered Woman – Adee Cazayoux Fitness and Nutrition During Pregnancy

Cheryl Hargrove Brain Gainz, Mom Mindfulness, No Filter Fitness

Pregnancy in Relation to Nutrition & Training Taz and Adee are not only great friends, but have been collaborating regarding training modifications during Adee’s early pregnancy stages. As a mom of three, Taz had some experience and advice to give! In this week’s discussion, the two chat about workouts, nutrition, and lifestyle changes during pregnancy. Taz and Adee, going through her first pregnancy, share each of their stories, experiences, and advice in this latest interview. The whole episode is a …

turkish get-ups

Death to Dadbod – The Truth About Turkish Get-Ups

Danial Hooper Death to Dadbod

I’m not saying I’m an expert in Turkish Get-ups. If you’re looking for fitness expertise within, Pat and Taz Barber or Cheryl Hargrove need to be given the microphone. They can teach TGUs better than I can recite the ABCs. Top notch teachers with the ability to educate and not inundate. In my mind, the strength of OTB is built around the people… and you’ll be hard pressed to find three better than those. Even Pat, a man who allegedly …

lunge workout

Death to Dadbod: Oh Great, a Lunge Workout

Danial Hooper Death to Dadbod

Oh boy. We’re in the safe space, right? I can say stuff between us friends and you won’t tell anyone, right? Thanks. That makes me feel so much better. I’m about to say some stuff about myself that’s um… embarrassing. So, if you’re not down with that, then just skip ahead to the lunge workout. Let’s start from the top. I’m in a bit of a stressful period of my life. Ya know, the whole global pandemic thing, and then …

Home Workout Equipment: Rice Bag Edition

Cheryl Hargrove Home Gym, Workout Videos

Create Your Own Home Workout Equipment! When making the shift from a conventional gym or affiliate to your home, one big factor is finances. In these quarantine days, we’re all desperate to find some variance within the items we have around the house. We want to get our home gym workout on, but we can’t really shop for things, unless we want to spend an arm and a leg on shipping! Fear not. We’ve constructed a guide of how to …

Tiger King Fitness

Death to Dadbod: Tiger King Fitness

Danial Hooper Death to Dadbod

What a weird time. The world has effectively gone anti-social and anti-bacterial in efforts to combat this insane virus. We’re in a time that’ll be discussed in history books. Disease, social anxiety, prevention, the holy grail economy, alllllll the hand washing. Our kid’s kids aren’t going to believe this. And then, to make it even more confusing, there’s the Tiger King. This man’s story belongs in the history books too! Netflix has (again) united so many people during a really …

Death to Dadbod: A Real Fast Workout

Danial Hooper Death to Dadbod

What a time to be alive. It feels like just yesterday that I was worried about a teething baby and a flooded bathroom. Now, we got real concerns going on. COVID-19 is exposing some real weak points for some of us, myself especially. My brain is running in every direction, so much so that even a fast workout seems like an impossible commitment. I’m so worried about my kids safety/school work, my work going in the tank, and my house …

Unfiltered Woman – Sage Burgener Ep. 3

Cheryl Hargrove Brain Gainz, No Filter Fitness

Sometimes you gotta do it to prove yourself RIGHT. All About Sage In this week’s edition of Unfilitered Woman, Taz sits down with Sage Burgener. Sage has 25 years of Olympic Weightlifting experience as she started lifting at the age of 4 (some of you may know her dad, Mike B.) She currently coaches in the sport and has 2 kiddos to keep her hands full! How Her Upbringing has Shaped Her Present This week, Sage talks about her relationship …