Dad Hack: DIY Med Ball

Pat Barber Home Gym

You fellow dads out there will understand: When you become a father, it’s universal law that you start DIYing. It just happens, and there’s no fighting it. This is my latest project— a step-by-step tutorial on how to make a medicine ball from stuff in my backyard and garage. For everyone out there doing home gym workouts or living that #garagegymlife. Stay gold.  

We’re Bad at Goals

Taz Barber Brain Gainz, No Filter Fitness

The thing about setting goals is that most of us are terrible at it. The first problem is that we don’t know what we want. Or, we don’t know why we want it. We’re like kids in a toy store, running around, wanting everything we see, crying because we can’t have it, and then forgetting it ever existed an hour later. Apparently, it wasn’t that important to us. Maybe we were bored, confused, frustrated, and in looking for a balm …

When the Excuses Keep Winning

Taz Barber Brain Gainz, No Filter Fitness

In my teens and twenties, my life was all about Sport and Fitness. I played multiple sports. Was a CrossFit Games competitor. Owned an affiliate. Coached clients. And coached coaches, too. My friends were the type of CrossFitters who were breaking barriers (and the internet) like every other week. It was a lot to live up to. Sorta like how a doctor feels as if they can never be sick because that would reflect poorly on their knowledge or skill, …