Benefits of Bodyweight Workouts

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Bodyweight workouts can deliver potent fitness in a short amount of time. They can deliver quick fitness.

Bodyweight workouts have a low barrier to entry, both physically, financially, and mentally.

Going into the gym is always fun. It is, however, a time commitment. If you don’t have the time, money, or availability to get into the gym, bodyweight workouts can be part of the answer.

Bodyweight workouts


4 Benefits of Bodyweight Workouts

Time spent NOT setting up workout equipment can be spent MOVING.

Bodyweight movements eliminate the need to warm-up movements with more technicality, higher complexity, and heavier weights. The prior movements often times require a need for extra mobilization of joints and warm-up prep sets. With bodyweight workouts, often times you can just 3-2-1… GO.

Crunched on time? Spend the first few rounds or minutes of the workout ramping up intensity.

Bodyweight workouts help us work on core gymnastic movements.

I like to call this, defying gravity. It can be extremely potent. Bodyweight movements often become under utilized in strength-based programming, which many gyms tend to lean towards. Often times, people will load up a barbell when they can’t even perform 20 Push-ups in a row with proper form.

Come on, Vanna… #chesttodeck #elbowsin

Think of gymnasts. They are some of the strongest people, pound for pound, and they spend the bulk of their training doing that – defying gravity. Sure, they probably weight train to supplement, but what more could you need if you can do consecutive Seated L-Sit Rope Climbs 20 feet up in the air?

They’ll help keep you accountable.

Many times when I am not in the mood to work out, if I see a workout that is complex with heavy weight, I won’t want to do it. It’s too much to prep my body for – especially if I’m sore. My motivation wanes.

Bodyweight workouts have a lower barrier to entry. Less set-up, less warm-up, less prepping. More moving. I can mentally take on the challenge of fitnessing that day because there’s one less obstacle in my way. Especially when the couch is calling and and I’ve found a new show to binge on Amazon Prime… (side note: there are some gems on there).

You can do them ANYWHERE.

This is pretty self explanatory. No gym necessary. Use the outdoors, your sidewalk, the park, your work parking lot. The world is your oyster.

I ain’t go’n throw shade… get it gurl.


So now that I got you all hot and bothered to do some bodyweight workouts, where do I get my ideas?! The OTB Team has spent a good amount of time on creating 10 workout sessions that you can take with you anywhere. I use these for when I need a quick workout or a travel workout or I’m on-the-go. Check them out and save it for a rainy day.

Click HERE to get 10 FREE Bodyweight Workouts – movement videos and explanations included.

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