Balancing Summer Festivities and Nutrition

Taz Barber Brain Gainz

Summer is coming to an end here in the US of A. Boooo! Thanksgiving and Christmas are traditionally the Holiday Season and you will find guides every where about ‘How to get through the Holidays’ in regards to not eating all-the-things!

But, what about Summer eating!? There are July 4th celebrations that last a week and not to mention BBQs and pool parties every weekend.

This presents people with the same question: How do I not eat all-the-things!? #summereating 

Pat and I discuss our feelings about summer eating and we they differ our approaches, emotions, and actions around the topic.

If you are looking for the magic answer to how to ‘not eat all-the-things’, then, we don’t have it (lol), but what we try to discuss are issues everyone has when it comes to making choices around food and celebrations. That there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach.

Some questions to ask yourself:
What is your natural tendency when faced with these decisions?
Do you always revert back to this?
Have you broken a bad habit that has been created?

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