Death to Dadbod: Need a 10 minute Dumbbell Workout?

Danial Hooper Death to Dadbod

Before I get to this week’s killer 10 minute dumbbell workout, I got something to say.


I can’t believe the year is ending. 2019 will forever be known as the year of the blur. Having a baby will do that to ya, though. One minute I was sleeping through the nights, enjoying the peace and quiet. The next I’m stumbling downstairs to get a baba, stepping on a plastic elephant who moos, and munching on the cutest baby the world has ever seen.

Which brings us to today’s workout. It’s a 10 minute all-killer-no-filler dumbbell workout using only dumbbells and a good attitude. I did the workout while watching my precious Dallas Cowboys lose another game. My baby was there, too. And my wife.

Let’s get to it, shall we?

The Workout

40 Dumbbell Power Cleans

30 Dumbbell Jerks

20 Dumbbell Clean & Jerks

AMRAP – 10 Minutes

*I’m using my 25 lb Dumbbells.

3… 2… 1… Go!

1st Set

Originally, my goal was to do each movement unbroken. However, I’m realizing that my ambition is not in line with my ability. We’re 20 reps in and I feel as old as those guys in the Irishmen. There ain’t no de-aging technology that can make up for De Niro’s old man ears… and there ain’t no level of ambition that can help me move these dumbbells over my head any faster.

Anyways. I did 30 reps. Set the weights down. Watched Dallas quit on their coach for a few seconds. And then hit those last 10 reps and immediately transitioned into the jerks.

30 Jerks is easier than the cleans. That shouldn’t be the case, but I’ve caught a rhythm and I’m moving well. I feel fit. Whoa.

I. Feel. Fit.

It’s little moments of euphoria like this that can really make a workout awesome.

Aran, AKA Roy, is cheering me on now. Dada’s boy! He had berries for dinner! Dada is eating iron!

20 Clean and Jerks isn’t quite the encouraging experience. I get 12 reps before I drop the weight. That’s better than half way. The next 8 reps aren’t so bad.

Quick transition to the cleans. If I’m going to break in the middle of movements (I shouldn’t, but apparently that’s my style), then I should transition from one exercise to the other quickly.

2nd Set

25 cleans, set the weight down. Shake my arms out. 15 more cleans.

My phone yells at me, “HALF WAY THERE.”

Yeah, whatever.

I’m on to the 30 Jerks. Which, if you work in the sales industry like I do, you deal with 50 jerks every day. What’s 30 in a workout?

20 Clean and Jerks is about as fun as trying to eat my own shoe.

And now, I’m faced with a dilemma.

Option A) Do I check the timer to see how much time I have left? Curious minds want to know, but that’ll effectively waste like 30.2 seconds off my time.

Option B) Sprint to the finish. I know I have less than 2 minutes left. Give or take.

I choose Option B.

3rd Round

Okay, let’s go. Unbroken. Mat Fraser wouldn’t stop here. Neither will I.

Just kidding, I set the dumbbells down at 18 reps. My hannies were sweaty.

Pick it up. Pick it up. PICKITUPPPPPP.

I picked the weight up and moved while looking at my phone out of the corner of my eye.


30 Jerks aren’t exactly pretty. I’m now rage-watching Dallas AND rage-pushing this weight. The speed is real, the form is actually good. I’m nearly pausing at the top, just hoping that the timer will go off before I even start the next rep.

Why hasn’t the timer went off?

Still, I finish the jerks.

I set the weight down. Put my hands on my hips like a disappointed parent. And look at the weights like they did something wrong. AKA Roy is squawking at me. He wants me to finish strong.

“This is my finishing strong, son.”

I pick up those weight and start again. Woof. I’m starting to wonder if timer somehow got turned off. That’s the only reasonable explanation. This is supposed to be a 10 minute dumbbell workout and it feels like it’s been three hours and forty-five minutes. This workout is longer than the Irishman.

Sidebar: Two Irishman jokes in one post? I’m sorry. 

And then… 18 reps into the 3rd round. A very special sound blares from my phone.


Yeah. That’s how it goes.


Oh, and while you’re here. The holidays are going to be busy. If you’re in need of some Bodyweight workouts while it’s cold outside, I got you.


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